Humanity Can Wait is a growing team of writers, and we’re looking for more to join the team. If you like our nuggets of wisdom and would like to write with us, drop us an email at human@humanitycanwait.com.

Please make sure you attach a sample of your work and about a 100 words about yourself. We’re also interested in knowing why you’d like to write with HCW, and your favorite writing style and topic is.

As you can see on the main page, Humanity Can Wait is currently divided into 6 categories; Around Amman, Art, Exploration,  Feature, Listcle, and Music.

Although the categories are self-explanatory, it would be smart to read a few articles from each category to get the gist of the writing style our team is going for in each respective category before suggesting a topic.



Walid Dib is the co-founder of Humanity Can Wait. He is currently in his last semester studying Water Engineering at the German Jordanian university.

5 thoughts on “WRITE WITH US”

  1. Hello!

    I would like to get in touch with whoever is responsible for running this website, however emails are generally slow to communicate through. Would I be able to get the telephone number of whoever can assist me in regards to helping write articles, bearing in mind that I don’t live in Jordan but I am Jordanian. I live in Dubai, and I would like to follow Jordanian Artists or entrepreneurs here so I could show Jordanians in Amman and around the world how far we’ve gotten.

    If there’s any interest in the above subject, please do send me a number I can contact.

    Moutasem Abu Ghoush

  2. I just want to express my gratitude for the wonderful job the humanity can wait team is doing. This is an interesting and an insightful website. Honestly

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