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Akher Zapheer – Arba3 Sneen

About two years ago, a friend and I interviewed members of the band, Akher Zapheer for a feature in OC Magazine, and while we’ve enjoyed their company, we didn’t really get a chance to see the completion of the projects they were working on. We’ve finally crossed roads with their music again and wanted to share what we think about it here.

Akher Zapheer – Arba3 Sneen

Arba’ Sneen is a song at war with itself. At times, the lyrics are hard to grasp and a general feeling of impending doom prevails throughout the song. It’s hard not to notice the the Radiohead and Muse influence in most Akher Zapheer songs, and the band manages to keep a consistent linear flow of music within their album. The production effort is clear in the resulting overall feel of Arba’ Sneen.

The band’s history goes a long way back; Manager, solo guitarist and vocalist Basem has been playing musical instruments since the mid-nineties, for what would be 16 years to date. His aspirations for a more thorough musical influence on his life eventually led the computer science graduate to quit his job and embark full-time onto his music endeavors. Akher Zafeer was officially created in 2007, with drummer and otherwise developer Kayed, Rhythm guitarist Salem and mobile app company CEO and bassist Yazan, who was last to join the band in 2008.

The name ‘Akher Zafeer’ directly translates to ‘last exhale’, and for a reason that goes twofold, says Basem – first, that being that the name represents the band’s musical theme and influence of “venting out”, and second, that the band’s construction took a lengthy while and effort.

Akher Zafeer’s name has become quite common among many, mainly for their two video releases ‘Akherto Lahen Hazeen’ and Arba’ Sneen, which are singles of their album ‘E3kes Thakafe’ (Converse Culture).

Should the album’s name, ‘Converse Culture’, be intended to convey a message it would be that of acceptance. However, following the under mentioned band’s rather light take to music and its influence along with the support they have received from the international brand Converse, the album’s name seems to be a sole tribute to that particular benefactor.



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