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Recycling Furniture with Khaled Homsi

Khaled Homsi takes us into the world of Recycled Furniture

Who said that recycling is only limited to paper & Pepsi cans? Last week, we met up with Khaled Homsi, a 27 year-old Syrian artist who happens to be an interior designer and an expert in furniture recycling. Khaled and his team at Young Eyes center are exceeding expectations with their keen eye for recycling in style. Even the most ordinary unwanted items can be spun into an inspiration for them to create a masterpiece.


Furniture recycling is extremely challenging, which was why we were curious to see how far the folks at Young Eyes can go with their creations. Here’s what Khaled Homsi had to tell us:

What was the most challenging project you had to work on in recycling furniture?

Back in university we had a Furniture recycling competition, where we were asked to create a piece of green furniture without using any gluing material, bolts, or anything. We were only allowed to use carton tubes. So I created a chair, & ended up winning 1st place in the competition. I can’t say it was easy, it needed a lot of studying & thinking.

Why did you choose to start your business in Jordan?

The Furniture Recycling sector is the state-of-the art now in Jordan. People are starting to notice this market & they’re welcoming such products. For example, I’m confident & sorry to say that this market has failed to launch in Dubai & Lebanon for several reasons. When it comes to Dubai, the residents are used to luxury furniture & don’t mind high prices. And as for the latter, the competition in this specific market is very challenging, i.e the youngest art gallery that showcases recycled furniture in Lebanon is 30 years old.

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How do you find our society’s reaction towards your galleries?

I must say it’s excellent! We’ve showcased 30 pieces of art in our most recent gallery & sold 20. Now, we’re receiving lots of orders. So we’re very optimistic about this sector in Jordan.


If you could mention the strength & weaknesses of your business here what would they be?

I would say that our main strength is our prices. Not only do you furnish your room with unique pieces of recycled furniture, but our prices are considered to be very reasonable. As for weaknesses, our main concern is raising awareness on what we do.

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When was the hardest phase of your career?

The start. The beginning is always the hardest, but it was very difficult for me since not only was I commencing my project, but it was a period when I have moved from Syria to Jordan & I needed to build connections to get things up and running. I mean imagine that you want to launch your business through your first art gallery & you have no idea who to invite.

How did you overcome that?

I started going out on hiking & cycling trips to meet people. I also created our fan page & luckily now after launching it in 3 months we have a community of more than 2,000 fans.


There must have been a point when you felt a great sense of accomplishment, when was it?

It was when I furnished my house with recycled furniture. I have made every single piece on my own and now I have furnished my house with my own products.


Need more info on Young Eyes? Check them out below:
twitter : @youngeyescenter

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