Career Choice Corner: Firemen Versus Locksmith

The work of a firefighter is dangerous and exciting to say the least; the opportunity to save human lives, pets, and entire homes from fires is worthy of the title of a genuine hero. So it’s easy to see why so many youngsters are directing their attention towards a career as a firefighter. Locksmiths on the other hand can collaborate with firemen and police officers and assist them in breaking an entry when fires and dangerous criminals are threatening the life or integrity of the residents trapped in. Plus, they handle all sorts of lockout emergencies, which are equally interesting to handle. Here are a few brief job responsibilities for firemen and locksmiths in case a career as one of them might interest you in the future.

What’s A Fireman’s Job?

  • To respond to emergency situations and protect the lives of people, as well as their home;
  • This also includes protection against other perils than fires, such as road accidents and other emergencies;
  • Rescuing trapped people and animals also falls into their area of expertise;
  • Firemen work closely with local authorities to boost the community safety levels and increase fire and accident awareness;
  • Full-time firemen work in urban areas, while retained firefighters work on an on-call basis and they cover rural areas and respond to emergency pager calls.

Locksmith Job Responsibilities

  • A locksmith’ main job revolves around installing, repairing, rebuilding, and providing service and maintenance work for electrical locks;
  • They use various lock picking and installing tools and they wear special equipment – the same goes for firemen who also carry around the specific hoses and tools and are dressed in specific firefighter overalls;
  • Professional locksmiths like the ones you can find at work on a 24/7 basis and they cover all U.S. states, including urban and rural areas;
  • Their headquarters are dispersed thought the largest cities around the country and they are thus able to dispatch mobile crews to lockout emergencies within 15-20 minutes from when a client has place a call;
  • Most of them are specialized in residential, commercial, and automotive service altogether, and they have the experience needed to easily disassemble door, padlock, or safe locks, repair jammed car ignitions, or replace worn tumblers and springs.
  • The best ones are able to offer guarantees for the parts they will be replacing, and the previously mentioned company for example offers 90-day guarantees – this means in case anything unfortunate is to happen with the fresh deadbolt they have just installed on your entry door, they will immediately come back and fix the problems or change the broken deadbolt with a different one.
  • A locksmith’s job is also to cut brand new or duplicate keys while handling advanced key-cutting machines and also to move lockpicks inside cylinders in order to open door locks whose keys are missing;
  • The more advanced the tools and machines used by a lock technician, the more efficient his work will be, and the faster the customer will be able to resume his work.


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