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Saudi Locksmith Breaks All Records With His World’s Biggest Iron Lock

Saudis will surely be proud of what this Saudi locksmith could achieve in the recent times: Anas Mohammad Rajab built the world’s biggest iron lock ever made in the history(5 meters in height – 2,44 in width – 60 cm in thickness), registering a new record in the Guinness World Record. The lock itself weight 45 kg, while the key weights 4 kg.

Saudi locksmith Anas Mohammad RajabBehind The Scene Of A World Guinness Record

Anas Mohammad Rajab is a locksmith working in Saudi Arabia since he was a teen. He has been collecting old English locks for years, becoming a passionate expert in English locks. The most impressive features in English locks Anas Mohammad Rajab mentions is that English locksmiths use to sculpt the date of when they make their locks, which is a great historical point for a collector of old keys.

Also this Saudi locksmith’s family is inside the locksmith industry since over 90 years, when their relatives began a locksmith business in Taif. Today, Anas Mohammad Rajab’s business got approved by the Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Finance as the official lock-pickers in the Nation.

Locksmiths – A Necessary Job Everywhere

Today, locksmiths represent one of the most relevant categories of workers in the market of employment and not only in Saudi Arabia, but in the entire planet. There are countries where locksmiths are national or state associations, take for example the USA, the UK or Canada.

Locksmiths do a hard job, no doubt. Just consider the impressive large number of emergencies locksmiths have to fix every day:

  • Lost car keys
  • Broken home door locks
  • Jammed car ignitions
  • Office lockout incidents
  • Repair of several locks
  • Replacement of all types of keys

As you can see, without locksmiths thousands of people would be lost every day. In the US there are the world’s largest locksmith companies, like 24/7 Chicago Locksmiths in the Chicago (IL) area.

What Can 24/7 Chicago Locksmiths Do For You?Car lockout

Keys are some of the smallest items we usually take with us. Unless we have them in a bulk with other keys, it’s pretty common to get them lost. Sometimes, car drivers forget their car key inside the car after closing the car door, which is also a really frequent car emergency. Here at you can view the best tips Chicago locksmiths can offer to you in order to help you avoid such situations.

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Quick Response Time In The Entire Chicago (IL) Area

The team of 24/7 Chicago Locksmiths is ready to help you: a local car locksmith will be immediately alerted after your call, so he will reach you in less than 20 minutes, no matter where in Chicago you are at the moment of your emergency.

The mobile locksmith service is a precious tool which allows the headquarter office of 24/7 Chicago Locksmiths to be constantly and immediately in touch with all the local locksmiths of the team, so you can be sure that there’s always a 24/7 Chicago Locksmiths’ technician round the corner!

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