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Las Vegas Strip: Craziest Eye-Catching Fonts

For over 5 decades, the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada” sign brought joy and cheers for enthusiastic visitors of Sin City coming here for their first or 20th time looking to have the best fun and leave with a trunk of money or at least plenty of clothes and souvenirs. The popular welcoming sign was also used by newlyweds who wished to immortalize the happiest day of their life right there beneath it – not to mention the hundreds of wedding chapels hosted by Elvis impersonators ready to wed any couple in love.

The Creator Of The Sign Was Never Entirely Happy With Her Work

Unfortunately, Betty Willis, the equally famous creator of the Las Vegas sign has passed away recently. She was never entirely satisfied with her famous work, but the signs will continue to represent one of the easiest recognizable marks of the most visited gambling city in the world. And her creation was and most definitely continues to be loved all around the globe. Millions of sightseers have stopped to admire and take pictures with the bold, neon sign that was erected in 1959. Why was Willis never happy with the sign? Her daughter Marjorie Holland told The Independent that her mother never liked the way the word “fabulous” was flowing. She wasn’t satisfied with the choice of the font and she had all the letters written by hand. What happens to the sign now? It was officially commissioned by a group of casino owners who want to maintain the same welcoming style of the old days for gamblers approaching the luminous city.  

Are Online Vegas-Style Casinos As Popular As Vegas Strip Venues?

It’s hard to compete against sparkling, colorful, loud casinos that can be heard and spotted from miles. The more crowded a place, the more interested gamblers are to get in. Nevertheless, technology advancements and rich graphics now enable players who are passionate about real-life gambling to enjoy similar experiences via online casinos. There are thousands of virtual gambling venues on the web at the moment, and they attract hundreds of thousands of players all over the globe on a nonstop basis. Because just like their land siblings, online casinos like the one you can find here offer players 24/7 fun. Games like progressive poker such as Fort Knox, Rio, Maui, or Dirty Dozen, MultiTable Poker, Speed Poker, and other similar titles you can find on the Ladbrokes platform will keep players busy for hours. The rich graphic design imitates a realistic gambling experience, so there’s no wonder there are thousands of online gamblers at any moment here! The first deposit matching bonus offered to newly registered players is of the 200% up to £1,200. That’s a great start to test around some games with. The rest of the daily or weekly promotions, races, and spectacular vacation packages offered to the most loyal, lucky, or skilled winners are extra reasons why so many players come back here regularly. The fonts, colors, design, and unparalleled customer support service are also factors worth considering when picking your next go-to poker source.