Gambling in Jordan: from casinos to lotteries

Probably, you have never heard of the extra legal supercasino complex called “Dead Sea” in Jordan. This area of the Middle East is going to be object to many controversies.

In fact, the prime minister in Jordan authorized the building of a super casino in 2007 despite he publically denies any responsibility in the business.

“Casinogate” in Jordan

After protest and demonstrations against the giant casino Dead Sea, the project is now frozen. It seems that anticorruption groups in Jordan could beat the battle: in fact, officially gambling is illegal in Jordan. So, all gambling games (casinos and lotteries) are outlaw according to the Jordan laws.

However, the business isn’t died at all, yet. In fact, Jordan’s King Abdullah encouraged the prime minister Ma’arouf al-Bakhit to introduce new reforms in order to allow the project of the Dead Sea casino.

So, the controversy around the building of the Jordan supercasino Dead Sea transformed into a pretest to attract more tourists. In this perspective, the building of such an enormous and rich casino comes to be a way to improve the touristic offer Jordan can promote to foreign tourists.

Being the Jordanian government a mixture between conservative Arab influences and western mentality, the “Casinogate” is going to be an endless fight.     Jordan's map

American gambling

What about gambling outside Jordan’s boundaries? Being gambling still illegal, all gambling websites and platforms aren’t allow on the territory of Jordan. However, according to stats and social surveys on this subject, it seems that many Jordanians who book a flight to America choose as their main destinations places like Vegas or LA.

They basically look for gambling resorts. The most impressive Vegas casinos are a strong attractive for Jordanians and this show that the social trends in this Country are changing with times.

Casino games are just one of the many gambling products Jordanians look for. In fact, many gamblers also love to play lottery games.

Online gambling

For many Jordanians it’s also easier to play lottery games directly from a computer in their hotel room in Vegas. In fact, going out and visiting more casinos is very stressful. On the contrary, if you stay in your relaxing and comfortable hotel room, you can freely access all the lottery platforms you like most.

If you have confidence with lotteries as much as Jordanian gamblers, you will surely know that you can purchase online lottery tickets from Lottery Master.

This popular platform for lottery games allows anyone to open their own personal account, add a payment method and choose one of the many lotteries available.

You can choose from a wide range of lottos, including: Mega Millions, Powerball, SuperEnalotto, 649 Lotto, Euro Millions , La Primitiva and many more.

Once you chose your lotto game, read all the terms and conditions and make sure you know the easy and simple rules in order to play. In general, all lotto games have a range of number where you can choose a given amount of numbers from plus 1 or 2 bonus numbers that give players more chances to win.


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