highline in Jordan

Unbelievable: First Highline in Jordan – Must see!

These talented people found the best rocky outcrops around Wadi Rum and performed the first  highline in Jordan!

highline in Jordan

Highlining is a practice in balance that typically uses nylon or polyester webbing tensioned between two anchor points. Acrobats maintain their balance by positioning their centre of mass directly over their base of support, i.e. shifting most of their weight over their legs, arms or whatever part of their body they are using to hold them up.

When they are on the ground with their feet side by side, the base of support is wide in the lateral direction but narrow in the sagittal (back-to-front) direction. In the case of highwire-walkers, their feet are parallel with each other, one foot positioned in front of the other while on the wire. Therefore, a tightwire walker’s sway is side to side, their lateral support having been drastically reduced. In both cases, whether side by side or parallel, the ankle is the pivot point.

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