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Top Five Treats To Cool Down Your Summer In Amman

Yes, trust us, we know just how hot summer in Amman could get. Between hanging out with family and friends, looking for that elusive part-time job that you’ll quit as soon as you start and the endless free time this summer will give you, HCW recommends the following must-try-because-it-will-make-you-melt ultimate summer smoothies list:

1- Batatee5

Affordable? Check. Innovative? Double-Check. Watermelon? You know it.

Who can say no to a cold watermelon smoothie on a hot summer day? Let alone watermelon dip, icecream or even a watermelon Kebab (that’s right.) Batatee5 is the number one solution to every summer in Amman. The small team of Watermelon experts have no venue or shop of their own, instead they rely on  showcasing their cold treats in  festival, parties and Souk Jara every summer Friday. Infact Batatee5 doesn’t operate in Amman alone, they’ve also been several events Dubai.

Want to know what they’re up to now? Follow Batatee5 on twitter @Batatee5 to stay tuned for all their events this summer.

2- Kiwi


Located in Khalda, this little shops boasts a variety of cold juices, snacks and cocktails. Not only are their juices cheaper than other shops that serve smoothies in Amman, they also taste the best.

The Kiwi staff is very friendly, and the service is quick. Humanity Can Wait recommends the strawberry lemonade.

3- Freeze Creamery

freeze creamery

Maybe you can’t buy happiness, but you can definitely buy icecream (and really, isn’t it the same thing?). Cuddled between a bunch of other restaurnts in Abdoun, Freeze Creamery is an icecream shop that offers enough icecream flavors to cover you for the entire summerin Amman. I personally keep coming back time and time again because of their lime flavour, but you shouldn’t restrict yourself to just that!

4- Shalamoneh

This ice-cream/slush shop is located in 7th circle (should we still call it a circle? We don’t know). Shalamoneh opened up in the summer of 2013, making it newest venue on our list!

You would normally ask yourself a thousand times before trying a new slush from a place you’ve never heard of, right? With Shalamoneh, you won’t have to worry: their slush is homemade by the cleanest measures possible, as opposed to most venues with artificial slush. Their Blueberry slush is seriously something out of a cartoon, and we definitely recommend it for first timers.

5- Frosti Italian icecream


Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the past 15 years, you’ve been to Frosti at least once in your life. Frosti has two branches: one in Um Uthaina and the second (and our favorite) one in Shmeisani. It’s clean white interior gives off a sense of cool even before you walk in. They’ve got a gilato-style icecream, which we find refreshing. Again, we recommend the lime flavor. Maybe we just like lime flavors. Maybe you should try it!

These are our Summer in Amman must-try smoothies and icecreams. Where do YOU think the best icecream in Amman is?

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Sima Shaqman is the youngest contributor at HCW. She is a senior at Asriyya Schools. When she is not glued behind a desk studying and writing she likes trying out new things.

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