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How to explore Jordan’s Wadis by yourself for less than 15 JDs

It’s easy to let an entire weekend fly by without going outside before returning to our 9 to 5s, university studies, or other weekday endeavors.

Jordan’s Wadis are rife with wild landscapes, fun rocks to climb, and sometimes pools to swim in, and it’s truly a shame that not many people know about that. In recent years, Jordan has seen the rise of numerous outdoors adventure tourism companies who offer guided trips (which are overpriced at times), but sometimes it’s nice to get out on your own with friends, free to frolic in the wadis at one’s leisure.

There are many wadi exploration opportunities in Jordan besides more well known attractions like Wadi Rum and Mujib which often require lots of dinars and determination. These are hikes one can do with relatively little planning, and for under 15 JDs a person, if you plan correctly.

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Here’s how to get out into the great Jordanian wadis as a group of lone explorers, without breaking the bank:

Wadi Manshallah
A bitchin waterfall in Wadi Manshalah

1. Take initiative and get a crew! The second you mention the word “hike”, people will be fighting each other for spots in the car. It wont be hard.

2. Choose a wadi. See below for recommendations.

3. Find a rental car guy. Most sedans or mid-size vehicles will run you about 40 JD for the day.

4. Leave early, no matter what happened last night.

5. Bring plenty of water, hiking shoes (or even better, water shoes), sunglasses, and flip flops to change into after the hike.

6. Stop for hummus, mashawi, or other snacks on the way! There are plenty of places along the Dead Sea Road to do so. One chicken per car is most likely enough, and should cost about 3 JD.

Wadi Himra
An afternoon of light waterfall climbing

7. Be prepared to get wet, sweaty, and do some climbing, often up small waterfalls.

8. Be prepared to be shocked by Jordan’s incredible, dynamic and beautiful natural landscape.

9. Be respectful of bedouin camps you may find.

wadi mujib

10. Though you will undoubtedly be tempted to gaze over the Dead Sea until the small hours of the morning, do your very best to get the car back on time. You want to have a good relationship with the rental car guy.

Some recommendations for wadis include Wadi al-Assal, Wadi Manshallah, and Wadi Macchaerus. Find more detailed descriptions of their exact locations here.

More detailed descriptions of such wadis coming soon on HCW.

Happy trails!

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