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Ever wondered what to do with all those extra hangers you’ve got lying around your house? Well, Onur Lambaz clearly did. HCW met up with her last week, and we were pleasantly surprised with just how much creativity can go into fashioning an art form out of clothes hangers.


Onur Lambaz is the young architect who first started HangIt in 2012 from her own home. She had a pile of dry cleaner’s hangers with nowhere to be placed, so she decided to use them for creating a bookshelf (which you can now see displayed next time you’re at Turtle Green Tea Bar).

“I was really happy while working on the bookshelf for Turtle Green, it was my first piece for a public space and it was exciting”

Magazine Holder

After graduating from the University of Jordan, she worked as an architect for Khaled Nahhas in S y m b i o s i s designs & then Husam Kiswani, and she currently works in the comfort of her own home while watching television, creating one art piece after the other. A mother of two extraordinary boys, Onur was kind enough to welcome us into her home to share her project and experience.

The first question we asked (& maybe you saw it coming) was what her name meant. Onur tells us her name means ‘Honour’ in Turkish.

That was cool enough for us not to ask what Lambaz meant.

When she first started her project, Onur did not expect the torrents of positive feedback she’s currently receiving. To her, Hangit was a hobby that would have ended in a fortnight, but to her surprise, her work gained popularity and she’s almost always working on one custom design or another. Her most challenging designs so far were the red tables below, mainly because the customer gave her specific dimensions different from the models she’s used to working with. Nevertheless, dozens of coffee mugs later, Onur delivered.

Red Tables

The picture below is Onur’s favorite piece. She calls it the Reinforced triangle table.

Although there is no HangIt showroom, you can find pieces previewed at Khordda, an all-recycled showroom for Jordanian artists by Hana Faouri. Onur is currently also planning to contact several other showrooms to showcase her pieces.

As for those of you living abroad, HangIt is coming to Doha this May! HangIt pieces will be on display at Mathaf, so be sure to check them out.

“I feel there still is a lot of potential for hangers in particular. I definitely want to expand to using other materials in the future, but for now, it feels like there are still a lot of ideas in my head for hangers. I’ll work on those for now” was Onur’s response to whether or not she’s committed to using hangers for her creations.

Onur tells us about the most frequent comments she gets on her hangers:

“Oh my God, is this really made out of hangers?”, “You must be a very patient person!” and “Wait, is THAT made out of hangers?”

Follow Onur on Instagram for her latest updates about the new chandelier she’s made, and stay tuned for an actual desk!


Zeina is a medical student at JUST and has been working as a writer for youth magazines in Jordan since 2010.

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