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Art for All and All for Art

If you’ve climbed any of the labyrinthine staircases in and around the Balad area anytime in the last week, you’d know that it’s hard to miss the 8 murals that spawned almost out of thin air. These murals, which are surrounded by buckets, paints, & brushes and probably a volunteering artist or two were just as interesting for us as they were for you.

art for all

Art for All, the initiative that made all of this happen, is a “non-profit project aims to create a nicer world, by bringing artists from around the world to paint street walls for unprivileged communities, to enhance tourism and economy.”

The organization was organized by Peter Claesson from Spain and Zaid Derbi from Jordan. Art for All took six months of planning before it was successfully executed, to further make a new touristic/cultural walk in Amman, and hence benefit the community. 8 artists participated in Amman’s Art for All project, two of which came from Jordan. These artists were:

1 – Eric Okdeh (USA)
2- David Guinn (USA)
3 – Victor Ash (Denmark)
4- Eduardo Baquerizo (Spain)
5- Matias Mata Garcia (Spain)
6 – Eduardo Luque Puertas (Spain)
7 – Rima Malallah (Jordan)
8 – Suhaib Attar (Jordan)

suhaib attar
Suhaib Attar’s mural

Known for its narrow streets, piled buildings, and ancient look; Wast Al Balad is one of the most vital areas in Amman. Its oriental look and feel is what makes it unique and a must visit destination for Jordanians and tourists alike. So it makes sense that the project, which lasted for around a week, did not only attract volunteers, but also drew a smile on the neighborhood’s residents’ faces.

Image taken from Reuters

After the artists finalized their masterpieces, we were invited to take a tour around the area to check out their work, and HCW must admit, we were impressed!

Eric OkdehEach painting took between three and seven working days, depending on the size of the building and the artwork.

During the tour, the artists explained the purpose and meanings behind each mural’s theme.

Check out the mural to your left, for example (click the image for hi-res). In this mural, Eric Okdeh  conducted a study on migrating birds, in order to reflect the correct direction of the travelling birds during the migration season in his mural. The detailed drawing of the water reflection was also based on the viewers’ angle of vision.

image courtesy of Lena Kassasieh
image courtesy of Lena Kassicieh

The image above is the work of Eduardo Baquerizo from Spain. Eduardo adopted a mesmerizing 3D style in his mural with an effect that – if viewed from any angle – looks like a beautiful cartoonish paint spill.

We really liked the idea of Art for all. Not were these murals visually appealing, they truly fit well within the fabric the neighborhoods they were painted within. Not to mention, of course, how they’d attract enthusiasts and boost tourism to Jordan.

Rima Malallah's mural
Rima Malallah’s incomplete mural

Even though we think these pictures are beautiful, they really do not do the murals justice. How about you take a stroll downtown and have a look at those paintings yourself? Let us know what you think!

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