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You’re an Arab Hipster living in Amman if…

You don’t really need to study this article to know what a Hipster living in Amman acts like, since as the good old saying goes “If you know what a Hipster is, then your’e a Hipster”.

BUT, if you’re still confused whether you or your friends belong to the Arab Hipster subculture, here’s a quick checklist to help you out:

1- If you catch yourself saying any of these phrases:

“I used to go to the Friday Market before it was cool. I can’t believe all these hipsters and expats are going there now just to dress ‘poor’.”

“I used to know this [Jordanian] band before they had 2,000 fans. I can’t believe they sold out already.”

“Oh that tattoo? Yeah, my friend got it for me. He doesn’t have a shop or anything, just a tattoo gun. Yeah, he’s very underground.”

“No, man. Firefly Burger tastes like garbage now that everyone is going there. I just eat burgers at a nameless place downtown now.”

[No insult was meant to Firefly, it was just an example. In fact, I love dem Kamakazies]

“Rainbow street? Hah, you’re so 2009. El-Lweibdeh is where anybody with a taste hangs out.”

arab hipster 2

2- You listen to Omar Souleyman… Ironically

3- You roll your own cigarettes because “at least you know what’s in them, not like these poisonous ready-made nicotine ones”.

arab hipster 3

“Wow look at her, she can roll her own cigarettes! She must be unique.” – Nobody ever.

4- You name drop band members and how close you guys are.

“Yeah, I totally went to school with the bassist of Jadal before they made good music. Ask him, he totally remembers me.” – You.

5- You hate Hashem restaurant now because it’s “full of hipsters.”

hashem restaurant

6- You ONLY spend your time in El-Lweibdeh.

7- You’ve been to more gallery exhibitions and international movie festivals last week than you’ve had hot meals this entire month.

jadal movie festival
Picture taken at Jadal Culture (

8- You have your own NGO/Initiative/website that everyone just needs to know about because it will revolutionize the way we think about everything in Jordan.

Editor’s note: Wait, did I just insult

9- If you go to a Shawerma place and get upset because they don’t have a vegan menu.

sad hipster

10- If you make a blog about whether you’re not an “Arab Hipster living in Amman”

Arab hipster

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Walid Dib is the co-founder of Humanity Can Wait. He is currently in his last semester studying Water Engineering at the German Jordanian university.

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