8 things that didn’t change since I wore my hijab

1.     I haven’t stopped being a “high-joy” person.

Some might regard a girl who suddenly decided to wear Hijab as a girl who wants to shut every male she know out of her life.

That’s not the case at all!

Hijab is not a sign on my head that asks everyone to back off. It does not mean that I can no longer have fun just like a regular other girl in Jordan would. In fact, I’ve never lost my delightful nature or instantly transformed into some uptight person, and no extra restrictions were added to my life specifically because I got my hair covered.

I am actually still as fun as ever. I still hang out with friends, participate in various social activities and go to music concerts!

2.     I still sing and play sports

As a sports lover, I am never willing to give up any of my talents anytime, nor am I willing to stop practicing what I’m already good at. I still go cycling with my friends or play basketball every now and then. Also, I still sing occasionally for fun.

3.     I will not tone down my laugh!

I did not get myself a new laugh. Maybe just a new haircut every once in a while!

Not by any means will I fight my true self, as this could not only subconsciously affect my self-esteem but also, negatively affect the way I treat myself and expect to be treated!

I don’t think I have to be quieter than I ever was, and I am not embarrassed of how alive I may seem. Whatever I thought was appropriate before I wear hijab still is.

4.     I can still spell the word “yes”

Nothing’s better than breathing fresh air! YES of course, I’d love to go out today.

And yes, you can definitely copy my notes.

Yes, I’d be glad tutoring you after school.

And no, I will not misunderstand your friendliness or doubt your intentions (unless my spidey senses go off)!

5.     I can still fall in love!

I will dare to love… Because I am human and I cannot simply choose not to. My Hijab may force people to have a certain predisposed mindset about me as soon as they see me, but I can’t force a gentleman not to look into my heart.

I still believe that developing natural feelings or attraction for someone of the opposite sex and loving them truthfully is nothing to be ashamed of, but in fact, healthy.

Either way, hijab offers me a sense of responsibility regarding my feelings and behaviors. It certainly does not cause the emotional deprivation many think we Hijabis have. Wearing a Hijab has not prevented me in any way from being emotionally alive.

6.      I can still maintain an open mind

I would love to discuss religion with you. You can always ask me about Hijab. I try my best to take an open-minded approach regardless of disagreements during discussions. I am only human, but I will always keep a level head when presenting my opinions in debates regardless of the topic at hand.

7.     I still don’t think I’m always right. My Hijab does not make me better than you!

The probability of misjudgment remains. It’s not at all an issue of right or wrong. I don’t believe in an ultimate truth or an undoubtable issue, although I believe in a convenient idea that influences positive changes in behavior taking into consideration all possible circumstances.

I like to keep my mind open for new ideas and different perspectives, as well as accepting ideas proposed by others as long as they make sense to me. I always want to learn more.

8.     I still brush my hair!

At least once every morning and once during the day, I swear!

To me, looking beautiful to others is not as important as feeling beautiful to myself.

About Juman Salameh

Juman Salameh is a third-year student at Princess Sumaya University for Technology, majoring in Software Engineering. She recently started working at MB-Risk Management as a trainee. Aside from technology, she's very interested in music, cognitive psychology and neuroesthetics. In her spare time, Juman can be found singing, playing music or drawing. among her close friends, she's known for her shobakian attitude and rebellious mind!

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