heik a7la

Heik A7la

Heik a7la initiative has announced last Saturday that the deadline of the short story competition has been moved back to the eleventh of April; Giving more chance for children to participate. This was announced in the press conference held in Beit Taiki – Amman, with the presence of many press reporters and representatives of the initiative.

Heik A7la

Heik a7la (which translates to “it is better this way”) is an initiative that tries to promote creativity and positive thinking through music and arts. Launched in December 2013, the initiative has been active around the community, launching small scale projects that helped develop the community and spread awareness about environmental issues. They started with a few Graffiti tags spread across Amman, promoting arts and young artists, along with recycling projects.

Heik A7la

The current focus of the initiative is on school children with the introduction of the short story writing competition in both Arabic and English. Heik A7la believes in the importance of reading and writing in the lives of children. “Parents should take the hands of their children and help them show their talents,” says author Sami Atout, who is on the panel of judges for the short story competition.

The competition focuses on the 8-12 and 13-16 year old bracket of students. These students are free to choose their topics, however it is encouraged that the stories promote the value of human interaction, including positive values such as equality and the role of handicapped people in society. Imagination and good picturing of reality is greatly rewarded.

The initiative aims to include as many of the schools in Jordan as possible, stressing that this initiative aims to help all school children, and especially students in governmental schools. This was one of the main reasons the deadline was pushed back. It was stressed more than once that this competition is not for professionals. The initiative has many creative ideas as to what to do with the winning stories, many of which were suggestions of comic books and audio recordings of the winning stories. Heik A7la plans on starting a blog full of the participants’ contributions, since there will be many more competitions down the pipeline.

Heik A7laAnother competition going on simultaneously is the photography competition. This competition has a wider target range and is also for amateurs, the photos should highlight positive activities within the community. Photos will be rated online by a panel of 3 judges (Zohrab Markarian, Fakhri Al Alami and Mohammad Al Fayed) for the photography competition and will be ranked on their website accordingly. Awards will be presented for top photos, and a selection of the best photos will be exhibited in an art gallery.

The initiative is supported by the Jordan Photographic Society and Greater Amman Municipality, who were open about their goals and strategies, encouraging young people to participate. There was a call by the initiative to everyone interested in helping and being a part of this to reach out.

Be sure to check out their event (found here) happening tomorrow.

Heik A7la

Heik A7la has many big plans for the future (one of which is a big awards ceremony in may with an exhibition of the contestants’ work), but it will need your help to grow. If you want to know more about how you can help, you can contact us or you can check out their twitter @HeikA7la, or visit their facebook page (www.facebook.com/heika7la). Articles for the competition can submitted to Heika7lastorycom@gmail.com.



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