David Christof

Running for Syria

Running for Syria

And, essentially, for Jordan!

I sat down with marathoner David Christof to hear all about his plans to run all the way from the South to the North of Jordan to raise money for children’s education.

David’s been running marathons for 16 years. Since then, he’s run 160 km in 23 hours and 42 minutes, a 16-country marathon over 3 months and all the way from Prague to London (With a stroller for the things he needed along the way!).

David Christof

With all his marathons put together, David will soon have run almost 12,000 km for official marathons (without the daily training!). That’s the equivalent of running from Amman to California.

Even though all of David’s previous runs were about raising awareness for safe water, he felt like he must contribute to children’s (Both Jordanian and Syrian) education in and near the camps.

With some schools taking in a heavier load than others, David says they deserve and need better and stronger support to teach children. “It is our responsibility to make sure children are given a better future,” he explains.


David’s goal is to raise 10,000 JDs throughout his run. Strangely enough, he says, managing a marathon is usually more challenging than running it. Between meetings, press conferences and marketing, he has little time for anything else.

The marathon will be held in collaboration with Helping Refugees in Jordan, who are coordinating with Mercy Corps to manage the fundraising.


The run has quite a few sponsors and supporters lined up: Mercy Corps, Helping Refugees in Jordan, Skoda, Challenger Team, The Czech Embassy, The North Face and Amman Road Runners.

The best thing about that is that the money will be directly going to the schools over at the camps. Direct impact, no fuss.

He’ll start out at Aqaba, head over to Petra and Wadi Musa on the 17th, and then run through Tafila, Karak, Madaba and Amman. After a press conference in Amman on the 24th, David will end the run in Mafraq.

David Christof

David will keep on running for other causes, and has quite a few marathons lined up for 2015!

To follow David and his updates throughout his run across Jordan, Check out his Facebook page.

You can also donate here. If you’d rather donate offline, contact us for more details!




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