This article includes the coolest and funniest Arab Youtube Channels

7-Futtaish (9000+ subscribers)

Although the number of subscribers is not as much as the other channels in this article, Futtaish’s content deserves much more recognition.
The channel stars the talented Alaa Khoury, who  is also the vocalist in Blues O Bantalooon. Alaa creates funny, witty sketches that usually have minimal to no script. Some of the videos tackle problems common to Jordan, such as water and electricity management.

6-AreWeFamousNow (140000 subscribers)

Karim Metwaly got his breakthrough after participating in the YouTube competition Internet Icon, although he didn’t win the competition, he decided to pursue  the YouTube career  through his channel AreWeFamousNow. Despite the fact that most of his sketches are in English (as he’s a US citizen) there are some sketches in which the Egyptian accent surfaces especially in his parody songs. His most famous parodies got over 3 million hits!

5- JoeTube(800000+ subscribers)

This is a comical channel with a twist. JoeTube projects its comedy towards the political matters and interests of Egypt. It’s definitely worth watching, especially if you want to ease into Egyptian politics through comedy.

4- N2O Comedy (400000+ subscribers)

Perhaps Jordan’s favorite channel, N2O is becoming increasingly popular throughout the entire Middle East, as it consistently collaborates with Arab stand-up artists from the entire region, and comes up with fresh content on a daily basis.
The comedians can take mundane incidents which we’ve come accustomed to in our everyday lives and convert them into hilarious sketches using slang we’re all accustomed to.

3- EyshElly (2000000 subscribers)

The Saudi channel was originally launched and hosted by Bader Saleh, who also starred in various commercials after his channel’s success. With over 2 million subscribers, EyshElly -which became the show’s catchphrase- is considered one of the most successful YouTube channels both regionally and internationally.
Critics initially compared Bader’s delivery and content as derived from RayWilliamJohnson, since both of them review viral online videos. However, Bader, in his early videos denied it and said he had no idea who Ray was.

2- Kharabeesh (600000+ subscribers)

Co-founded by Wael Attili, Mohammad Asfour and Wafa Nabulsi, Kharabeesh is considered one of the top Arabic YouTube networks. The Jordanian network is part of ThinkArabia, a company that works on “becoming a destination for all young creative Arabs who are living a new life connected to the web with a massive exposure to the world and with a very fast transformation beat.”

Kharabeesh also produced many other shows and programmes through YouTube, such as N2O Comedy (mentioned above), FemaleShow -which later aired on TV-,  3ala Rasi, and many more.

1- Alaa’ Wardi (300000+ subscribers)

One of the recognized names and faces in indie Arab music industry, Alaa is known for his iconic acapella singing and beatboxing. He is also internationally known for his Hindi cover songs and also for collaborating with Peter Hollens, who shares the same type of singing. The saudi-based YouTuber formed a band in 2011 with four other Jordanians called Hayajan.


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