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IKEA AMMANIKEA is a household name that is recognized almost everywhere in the world. Founded almost 70 years ago by Swedish designer Ingvar Kamprad, IKEA now has locations in 43 different countries, and has become a staple worldwide for architectural, resourceful and modern furniture at a low cost.

Since 2008, it has truly become iconic in that it is the world’s largest furniture retailer. Yesterday, I had the tremendous pleasure of visiting IKEA for the very first time, as they invited media to their opening launch, tour and luncheon. Though people have mentioned that the location isn’t the greatest, I realized that it’s really only about 12 minutes from 7th circle, and allows crazed IKEA consumers to avoid inner-city traffic.

IKEA AMMANAs we arrived to the mammoth warehouse stocked full of charming, Swedish designs, my heart began to race. What can I say, something about the minimal yet stylish designs titillate my senses. As we were lead throughout the showroom, I was awed by IKEA’s take on “designing small spaces”. Each little section features a model-home meant to replicate a small apartment or home, showing buyers how they can still have that certain panache along with optimal space-saving functionality. I was also impressed by how many options are on stock, and I’m certain that this warehouse will revolutionize the Jordanian shopping experience.



As a company, IKEA spends a lot of time testing for quality in both their products and their staff. Regional CEO Marino Maganto explained that staff are consistently going through rigorous and informative trainings in order to learn the history of the furniture and the functionality of the pieces, as well as how to best help customers find what they’re looking for.

Today IKEA opens to the public, and the staff said they are expecting more than 75,000 guests in the first week. I personally will be avoiding IKEA for about three weeks, but I definitely am excited to head back there and get my hands on some of the paper crafts (they have everything, literally everything, from light bulbs to notebooks to scented candles) and some modern lighting to make my space feel more contemporary. With affordable options in varieties of colors, IKEA really will change the way you see Jordanian home décor.


A Palestinian-American who grew up in Breaking Bad Land, Lena has a passion for coffee in all its forms, traveling, writing and meeting people with cool beards. She doesn't understand people who don't love Seinfeld and baby bunnies, and hopes one day to publish books about anthropology and cultural taboos. She regularly writes for Humanity Can Wait chronicling her many unique experiences around Amman.

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