Amman’s Top 5 Burger Joints

1.        Burger Joint


The Burger Joint is the kind of place where you’ll eat once and keep coming back for more! Located in Abdoun, it offers beautiful outdoor and indoor sitting areas with enough ventilation so you wont leave smelling like hamburger. The cosy design will make you feel just like at home, where you can also see your burger being cooked in front of you. Some of their best burgers include the BBQ and the Mushroom/Swiss burger which is made with fresh mushrooms. Nevertheless,  for all chicken lovers out there, they offer the Chicken Club burger which is exceptional.

2.     18th Century Burger


18th Century Burger opened their first branch in Sweifieh and their second in Dabouq. Their delicious burger is as delicious as they come: the classical 18th century burger with your choice of toppings, from mushrooms and eggs to cheese, jalapeños and beef bacon. The rural feeling you get once entering the restaurant is priceless! With the countryside design and the country music, the feeling you’ll get will be terrific, I promise!

3. Fatty Dabs Burger Shack


Situated in Abdoun, Burger Shack provides one of the finest burgers in Amman. Their burgers are somewhat pricey (8 JDs for any one of their burgers, and more if you’re going for a bigger one), but it’s absolutely worth it! All of their food is fresh and prepared-to-order. And their burgers are divine! If you haven’t had the Chicago Burger yet, I’d be hard-pressed to believe you’re a burger veteran! With grilled onions and cheddar cheese, the Chicago Burger is comfort food at its best.

4.      FatBurger


The perfect way to unwind after a hectic shopping (Or working) day is at FatBurger. I always do this at their Taj Mall branch! Their menu offers varying sizes of patties (small to large) and varying quantity (XXL for two large patties XXXL for three large patties, if you’re in the mood for a delicious heart attack). One of their outstanding burgers is Veggiebuger! You will go craving for more in no time.

5.     FireFly Burger


FireFly Burger is located in one of Amman’s busiest (and most beautiful) streets; Rainbow Street. They’re most famous for their Kamikazi and “Mystic Burger” burger, which are their best on offer. They have some of the best prices in town and certainly some of the best burgers we’ve had!

It seems Amman is making it increasingly harder for us to go on diets! What do you think is the best place to have a burger in Amman?

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