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19 ways you’re a Jordanian living abroad

 19 ways you’re a Jordanian living abroad

1. Skype, Viber, Tango, Whatsapp are your saviours

2. Skype calls end up lasting for hours

3. You always manage to smuggle some food through customs even though you have exceeded the weight limit

4. The things you took for granted before like labneh, zaatar, summaq, are now things you cherish

5. You have been caught at least once speaking about someone in Arabic only to realise that they can understand what you’re saying

6. Your maths skills have improved as a result of calculating currency, time differences and Fahrenheit to Celsius

7. You long for the sound of Athan, especially al Fajr

8. You don’t understand why you can’t jay walk

9. You’re always complaining about how shops always close earlier than you’re used to

10. Your perfect night out? Friends, argeeleh and cards

11. You have started watching old arabic shows  for nostalgia

12. Everyone jokes about you having ‘arab money’

13. You’re fed up with fast food and all you’re looking for is your mama’s delicious cooking

14. Your friends’ Sunday back home is your Monday

15. You react like this when you finally use the toilet back home

16. You have a tendency to postpone your daily chores such as cleaning the dishes, doing your laundry and cleaning your room

17. People always struggle to pronounce your name

18. You get super excited when you hear someone else speaking Arabic

19. When you get on that plane back home, you’re greeted by a lovely lady in the traditional ‘thob’ with a wide smile and Zade Dirani music playing, and you realise; I’m home!


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