The Best Pizza in Amman Has Been Found

Yes, you read that right. After our last piece about the top 5 sweets shops in Amman, we figured we’d guide you to the best pizzeria in Amman.

Located on a quaint corner in Weibdeh, Oliva Pizza is a hidden gem that serves all kinds of pizza. The owner, Ayman Taqatqa, has himself developed the recipes for all the pizzas Oliva serves.


Their signature Oliva pizza is probably the best pizza you’ll ever have, and their Quatro Formaggio constantly vies for first place.  But besides the pizza, Oliva also serves some incredibly delicious pastas and brilliant, authentic espresso.

Oliva opened its doors on 1/1/2012. Since then, it developed its own clientele of regulars who love the place and its ambience.

The ambience is nothing short of magic. I mean it. The place has an Italian and homely feel to it, as well it should- its interiors were built brick by brick by the owner himself, over an arduous 67 days. It was definitely worth it.

The place also plays incredible music. I went there with the HCW crowd and we were lost in conversation for hours, ran into old friends, made some news ones and befriended the owner and the staff- as awesome as it sounds.


This is just the tip of the iceberg of the kind of music Oliva plays.

Check out the place. I know you’ll love it. And it has the #HCW stamp of approval, so it doesn’t get any better than this.


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