Tattoo Parlors in Amman I: Huzz

After last week’s appeal for the 14 tattoos you should not get when traveling around the Middle East listicle, we figured the masses want to know where to get legit tattoos in Jordan, which is why we started the Tattoo Parlors in Amman, written by Omar Aga.

Huzz is a name that is associated with more than just ink. He is a businessman, a philanthropist, and an artist who enjoys gliding from one art form to the other.

Huzz believes that it is his mission to help people in expressing their thoughts and feelings via art. I sat with him for what I thought would be a fun, cute little interview, but he managed to take the conversation to the next level and help me gain a deeper understanding of the ink culture, especially in Amman.

– To start off, why do you think people should get tattoos?

It is a form of expression, identity. How you identify yourself is important, and your tattoos are indicative of how you see yourself.

huzz Arabic


– How did it all start, if you don’t mind taking us back?

In my garage, my first piece of work was a cross… It did not look like anything, really. Then I worked my way up; I traveled to study in the USA, and I worked there as well.  It helped me find my true potential and become the best tattoo artist I could be.

– And then you opened your own parlor…

In 2007, I had the privilege to be the owner of the first official tattoo and piercing parlor in Jordan. Seven years later and we are still going strong.

– Tell us about your parlor, what do you offer?

We offer tattoos, piercing, braiding and hair tattoos. We also offer face paint, organization and decoration. I have a dedicated staff ready and equipped with the skills to carry almost any task you give us.

– How about the medical services that you offer?

That is definitely one of my favourite things that we do. We work with scars, cuts, and burn marks. We cover these sad reminders with art, turning something unsightly to something beautiful. To me that is the one of the noblest applications of tattoo art.

Huzz scars

-So you use tattoos to cover the scars.

We do that, but also, we could work on making a scar less prominent without using tattoos. It really depends on the client, and their preferences.

– How about Sanitization, How do you get your parlor action ready

What don’t we do? It is of major importance to keep the parlor as sanitized as possible. Our clients’ safety from transmitted diseases like Hepatitis and AIDS is the number one priority to us. We make sure to take all the necessary precautions.

– Would you like to give us some examples?

Well to start with, each member of my staff has his own set of gloves, we do not use each other’s gloves, and we do not use the same pair more than once, also we spray the walls and floor of the parlor with bacterial sterilization compounds and coating compounds to kill then prevent any possible growth of bacteria. Our equipments are regularly sterilized, and we’ve purchased an autoclave. Keep in mind we are the only tattoo parlor in Amman to operate this device.

– And what is an autoclave?

It is a sterilizing device. You put your equipment in the high pressure chamber, and it comes out squeaky clean.

– How much does it cost to get a tattoo?

That depends on the person. You can pay 200 or 500 for the same tattoo, of course the more you put in, the more material we can use and the better the final product will be.

Huzz tiger

– How about high school students asking to get tattoos, how do you deal with them?

We get lots of school kids, but if they are underage they get turned away immediately. I also make sure to visit schools and talk to young kids about all they need to know for when they decide to get inked. It is important to spread awareness among them so they do not end up contracting an incurable disease just because they did not know better.

– If you could list one achievement that you have managed in your career, what would it be?

I’ve been blessed to have so many ups in my career; but one of the most significant things I’ve done, was participating in the 2012 Tattoo Expo in Vegas, it was the biggest tattoo assembly on earth to date according to the Guinness world records. It gave me the opportunity to rub shoulders with the best in the world such as Horitoshi 1 and Bob Tyrrell among others. I had the chance to watch them work and learn from them. It was a fascinating experience that I’m intending to repeat in the next assembly.

For more info, you can find Huzz’s facebook page here, and his website here.

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