14 tattoos you should not get when traveling around the Middle East

You thought Chinese and tribal tattoos were bad? Wait till you get a load of this ink:

1- We think he meant Guardian Angel, but it just spells nincompoop to us.




2- W A R R I O R  OR  I D I OT?




3- Should we even tell him?




4- Maybe she meant it… Ironically?




5- Someone must have ALT+SHIFTed their way into the art of inking








7- In case you get amnesia while traveling in Jordan and you need someone to identify your name. Maybe she should put her email and home address on the other side.




8- This tattoo is 2deep4u




9- Another amnesiac with their name on their forearm, it’s supposed to spell Karl, by the way.




10- Bad Ass or Asshole?




11- Literal translation: “Giving left for thetheweak”




12- Take one after lunch, and one before bed:





13- “Honey is the best of”





14- And the classiest of the 14:

Those are all the bad Arabic Tattoos we could think of. Do you have any ridiculous arabic tattoos you want to share?


Walid Dib is the co-founder of Humanity Can Wait. He is currently in his last semester studying Water Engineering at the German Jordanian university.

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