9 Awesome Things To Do When You’re Bored At Work

We’ve all been there, bored out of our minds at work. Before you pull the plug on it, or your life, here are some suggestions to pass the time and clear your head.

1. Pretend that you’re working 


If everyone’s busy around you and you can’t freely watch something like this, your best bet is to pretend like you’re busy working.

Shuffle papers around noisily, keep your desk messy, start dabbing away at your keyboard, and, most importantly, go get yourself a ginormous coffee mug. An audible sign of exasperation might help if you’ve got your follow-up story covered.

2. Youtube… And the rest of it


If you’re one of the lucky few who don’t have websites blocked at their work, go on to YouTube and browse around.

If you’re bored of your front page, you can change your location settings and see what the nice people of, say, the UK are watching. (Hint: this is worth a try)

You can also lose track of time on StumpleUpon, Upworthy, Imgur, ZenHabits, TheThoughtCatalogue, BoredPanda, The New Yorker, Reddit and 4Chan.

Don’t get flustered if you’re caught red-handed. Just talk about this study that says web browsing can boost productivity.

3. Deceive the Internet warden 


If, on the other hand, you’re one of the miserable many who don’t have access to 99.9% of the Internet, you can try and work round it.

Try going to proxy.org and choose one of the proxy websites they recommend. If one of them is blocked, keep going through them until you find one that isn’t.

P.S If you think you can trust your best friend in IT not to drive a machete down your back… Think again.

4. Sudoku 


But only if it tickles your fancy.

5. Listen to a Podcast 


Take the time to listen to a podcast, you’ll only feel half as guilty about not working since you’ll be listening to something valuable (Let’s hope).

Just go to iTunes charts and pick our your favorite one- might even like to listen to something in a different language.

The BBC and NPR have some awesome podcasts. BBC Documentary and Ted Radio Hour are gems you shouldn’t go without.

 6. Clean your desk 


If you’re over pretending to work, maybe take a shot at cleaning your desk… slowly. It shouldn’t take you more than 18:00 – “current time” hours.

7. Read 


Before you go roll your eyes and peak up your brain, try going though the New York Times or the BBC. If you’re into business, Entrepreneur, Business Insider and LinkedIn Influencers might be more along your interests. If you want a mix of both, try out Pulse.

8. Learn something new


Maybe not exactly something like this.

Why not check out Coursera, Edx or Academic Earth. Code Academy and Treehouse will even teach you how code in no time.

9. Count the dots on the wall…

 And just wait for this hell to be over. Maybe plan your afternoon? A party you might go to? A movie you want to watch? A book you might read? A fight you might pick? The gym? Diet? Your future plans? Your kids? Your school? Your first cigarette? Your last cigarette? Your next trip? Your next prank?  Your next… O’ look at the time. Work’s finished.


About M Baddar

Mohammad Baddar is the co-founder of Humanity Can Wait. When he's not in Jordan, he's probably off somewhere in the region working.

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