Tips To Stay Safe Inside Your Apartment Building

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Tips To Maintain A Safe Community

The Property Management team strives to educate all residents concerning the critical tenant laws and the rest of the housing issues they are prone to confront with. We also aim to nurture safe communities. We are aware of the fact that we are hosting a very diverse array of people ranging from single adults or families with children and seniors. These are categories of tenants that are prone to be more vulnerable to robberies, home invasions, fire threats, and other similar types of problems that may arise. Here are a few general safety rules for living in an apartment building:

  • Do not keep cheap locks on your doors as they can be rapidly disabled and picked by even the least experienced of burglars. Replace your chain locks with deadbolt locks of high quality – ask for the building manager's permission to install a quality lock on the door and make sure to also create duplicate key for the manager's access into the apartment as well.

  • Only allow professional locksmiths to approach your apartment; make sure they arrive in a marked van and they have clear tags with the name of the company they work for and their name and specialization. Hire local help and make sure they truly are local; cross their physical address and contact phone number if they do have a store in your town or area or they are scammers and they answer calls from a distant location and relocating mobile teams of inexperienced and untrained locksmiths who will overcharge you.

  • You can rely on the services of a reliable nationwide company like this one here however; they offer services throughout all states and at very affordable flat rates you can check right off their website pages. They specialize in the full array of residential services, including lock rekey, lock repair, new lock installation, duplicate key making, master key duplication, as well as the installation of window locks and security systems for homes.

  • Once you have your powerful locks installed, make sure to maintain them regularly. Save the contact details for the company you have chosen to work with in case you are satisfied with their work and give them a ring whenever you feel that your locks are not working properly.

  • Do not leave your apartment door unlocked under any circumstances, not even when you simply need to run downstairs and grab the mail or walk the dog.

  • Do not open the door to strangers, even if they claim to be the utility people or a repairmen you forgot you called. Ask for identification before you open the door and always use your peephole. Have one installed if you don't have one at the moment.  

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