Ready To Travel To Jordan – How Safe Is It?

If you are ready to travel to Jordan, one of your biggest concerns at the moment might be the matter of safety; namely, how safe will you be here and do you need to take any additional precaution measures for your protection? Here are a few useful answers to your questions in hope you will have an excellent time here and come back safe and sound.

Keeping In Mind The Terrorist Threat

Unless you have been completely disconnected from the current news at the moment, you must be familiar with the ISIS/ISIL threat, the bombing of Egypt planes, the terrorist attacks in France and Turkey and the rest of the notable and highly concerning events that have caught the attention of all news broadcasters around the world. So, for many people, adding all these up results in a big NO sign when thinking about visiting Jordan now. However, there are a few who might still want or need to do it, so here are a few hopefully insightful details and information that should help you understand what to expect to find here.

Are You Safe As A Westerner In Jordan?

The country is working hard at sending out a positive message and image to the Western civilization; so, as a tourist, chances are you will never feel unwelcome here. It is a place that deserves to have blooming tourism and its amazing progressiveness is one of the main reasons why we say this. The locals continue to strongly grasp their traditions and roots, but they have also chosen to embrace progress and move forward, as they know they need to do this to achieve stability in their country. You do not need to fear of being hassles in the streets here, but you will need to try to do your best to keep your rented car and hotel room or rented accommodation secured at all times. Do not be surprised if you will see some locals wave at you and start random conversations with you – and express their excitement when learning you come from a place like the U.S.

Stay Safe Inside Your Hotel

Just like any other type of a hotel located anywhere else in the wold, you will need to take the same precaution measures: ask about the type of locks the guest rooms have. If they are deadbolt locks, you should enjoy a high level of safety inside the room. Ask about the state of the parking lot, the existence of good lighting, foot traffic, or manned guarding. See if you can use a hotel safe to store your valuable items or if there are any safes inside your room. Just like a Los Angeles locksmith website should teach you what are your main options when it comes to door or building safety (locks, padlocks, latches, alarm systems etc), the local hotels in Jordan should also work closely with expert locksmiths who specialize in commercial service. They need to have a 24/7 emergency number at hand so in case of of the guests staying in with them accidentally gets locked out of his room and there is no other copy available, they can use their service immediately.

Carry a portable hotel door lock on you just in case you notice the lock on the door is not working fine. These locks are highly effective and can provide you with the extra peace of mind you are looking for when traveling to Jordan and concerned that you are not the only one having a key to your room before going to sleep.



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