Benefits of Being Involved in Your Community

Being involved in the community makes you a more responsible individual. You're taking an active role in helping shape the community. Community involvement also gives you a voice in your town.There are numerous ways you can get involved in the community. Making new connections within the community will benefit you and your local town.


Ways a local town can benefit from involvement


The citizen can bring-about desired changes by expressing his/her desire, either individually

and/or through the community group.

The individual will learn how to make the desired changes.

The citizen will learn to understand & appreciate other individuals needs & interests and those of all other community groups.

The citizen will learn how to resolve conflicting interests-for the general welfare of the group.

The individual will start to understand the group dynamics as they apply to mixed groups.

Community participation will result in better decisions. Community decisions which involve the citizens are much more likely to be acceptable to the-local people. Basically, better community decisions, by-definition, will be beneficial to your local town.

Citizen participation in the community affairs will serve to check & balance your local town political activities. The citizens involvement will allow for a fuller access to the benefits of a more democratic society. Partisan political favors, pork-barreling, & nepotism are some of the negative examples-of unchecked political behavior. The cross section-of citizen participation in decision making process will reduce the likelihood of the community-leaders making self serving decisions.

In addition, merely knowing that you have participated in the community promotes dignity & self sufficiency. It also taps the energies & the resources of individual citizens within a community. Participation also provides a source of special insight, knowledge, information and experience, which will contribute to the soundness of community solutions. And the result is an emphasis on problem solving that eliminates the deficiencies in your community.

Citizens involvement can legitimize a program, the town's plans, actions, & leadership. To legitimize often means the difference between success and failure of community efforts. Many unsupported leaders usually become discouraged & drop activities which are potentially beneficial-to the town residents.

Involvement will also reduce costs for the personnel that's needed to carry out many of those duties that are associated with community action. Basically, community betterment is a-product of citizen involvement.

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